CoS Transferable Skills


Transferable Skills Programme for PhD students

​At the College of Science (CoS), we believe that apart from research and intellectual skills, interpersonal skills, communication skills and other professional skills and attributes are also integral to post-graduate training. The Transferable Skills Programme aims to impart our students skills that are relevant to both research and to career beyond their stint at NTU.

Components of the Transferable Skills Programme

The CoS Transferable Skills programme is compulsory for full-time PhD students.

Students from AY2016 intake onwards are to complete 4 Core modules (Residential Programme, Scholarly Communication and Impact, HWG704, Career Preparation) and 3 electives.



Students to choose any 3 (for AY2016 intake students onwards) electives,  no specific timeline

Early Stage


Residential Programme (temporarily on hold due to Covid-19)

  • Effective Communication
  • Networking
  • Project management
  • Relationship management
  • Stress management
  • Team building

Scholarly Communication and Impact (previously named Information Research and Management)

  • A head start seminar to develop strong foundational knowledge in the scholarly research and publishing environment.
  • Content includes scholarly metrics in publishing, unique researcher identity, open access to research works, and research data management plan.
  • Acquire practical skills to aptly apply this knowledge with confidence to advance your research career. 
  • Maximise Your Skills For Success in Your Academic Career
  • Maximise Your Skills For Success in Your Non-Academic Career
  • Developing Leadership Skills
  • Effective Communication (Networking and Interviews)
  • Communicating Your Research to a Wider Audience
  • Creative Thinking for Doctoral Researchers
  • Critical Thinking for Doctoral Researchers
  • Embarking Start-Up Jounrey: Learn About Patent Applications
  • Presentation Skills
  • Principles of Business Networking & Professional Etiquette
  • Academic Writing with Endnote
  • Data management plan workshop
  • Introduction to LaTeX
  • Introduction to Mendeley
  • Introduction to Zotero
  • Data visualisation with Tableau
  • Applying Advanced data visualisation techniques with Tableau & Excel
  • Picture perfect: finding and using images for your projects
  • Patent Application Process by IP Academy ​

(List is not exhaustive)

*ASE students are to complete ES7002 in place of the 3 electives.

Mid Stage

9-24 months

HWG704 Research Communication for Graduate Studies (also a requirement by Graduate College)

  • Conventions of research argumentation
  • Structure of PhD theses
  • Presentation skills in seminars and conferences

For more information on HWG704, click here​.

*ASE students are to complete ES7003 Communication Skills for Scientists instead of HWG704.

Late stage

months onward (Year 3 onwards)

Any GC-TSS Career Preparation Workshop/Seminar

  • Career Management
  • Job Search Strategies
  • Cover letter & CV Writing
  • ​Interview Skills​​

3-Minute Thesis Symposium (a requirement by Graduate College​)

All PhD students must participate in a 3-minute thesis (3MT) presentation symposium before graduation.


Graduate College Transferable Skills

In addition to the CoS Transferable Skills programme, the Graduate College Transferable Skills programme is applicable to full-time and part-time PhD students from AY2019 onwards. For more information, click here.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. Is it compulsory?
    YES. From AY2015/16, this programme is a compulsory requirement for all full-time PhD students. All other graduate students are encouraged to take advantage of the programme as well.
  2. How do I register for the courses?
    Regular email circulars will be sent to students informing them of upcoming courses. Links for course registration will be provided in those emails. Registration for HWG704 is to be done via Graduate Course Registration System,
    Except for HWG704, registration for courses under this programme is currently not offered via the Student Link’s Course Registration System.
  3. Is there additional fee involved?
    No. This programme will be provided without additional cost to students.
  4. Will I be graded for the courses in this programme? Do I get Academic Unit (AU) credit for the course modules?
    No. Some courses may require group work and presentation. However, there will be no formal classroom assessments. Except for HWG704 (3 AUs), no AU will be assigned to the courses in this programme.
  5. I am currently pursuing my Master’s degree. Can I participate in this programme or take some of the courses offered?
    YES. This programme is open to all College of Science Graduate Students. Registration of courses would be based on availability.